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Ping G25 Driver is my first Ping driver and I now know why they are popular. Distance , forgiveness, looks, fell, sound are all above average. It is very comparable and a toss up to which I prefer as both are great.
When Ping launched the G20 driver in 2011, it was proven to be one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. The new Ping G25 driver continues that trend. It is the largest-profile, most forgiving driver Ping have made and now features Ping's modern matt black finish.
Along with the new look, the G25 cheap golf clubs bring adjustability to the 'G' range. Using Ping's lightweight, aerodynamic adjustable-hosel players can optimise their own launch conditions using the Trajectory Tuning Technology. Ping were cautious entering into the adjustable market, wanting to design a driver and specifically a hosel that wouldn't adversely impact performance or appearance. The hosel design they settled on has the same mass and diameter as past 'fixed' hosels, making the transition to adjustability as seamless as possible.
The cheap ping g25 driver has a 460cc head with a larger profile design. The ultra-thin-crown and aerodynamic design redistributes weight along the perimeter of the clubhead, moving the CG (centre of gravity) farther back and lower than any previous Ping driver. This new CG position increases the clubs MOI (moment of interia) and makes it extremely forgiving.
Ping engineers made structural reinforcements to the crown, sole and skirt in order to offer the Ping G25 Driver a solid feel and sound. Variable thickness behind the face powerfully transfers the energy of a players swing into the ball, producing fast ball speeds leading to greater distances off the tee.Ping have developed the innovative TFC 189D shaft specifically for the G25. This lightweight, high-balance point shaft has a new non-glare, charcoal finish to help eliminate reflections, improve alignment and inspire confidence at address.
With its performance-engineered adjustable hosel, the Ping G25 Driver's hosel design is optimized by using a lightweight titanium screw and aluminum hosel sleeve. The design maintains the same outer diameter and mass as Ping's traditional fixed hosels. 
All in all,this is a nice upgrade from my old TaylorMade SLDR Driver which has served me well. There are significant technological improvemnts  Swing weight feels abit more than my previous one, but the misshits travel further and closer to the intended direction. I'm very pleased with the upgrade.Thoroughly recommend this driver, get fitted first, made a difference for me.

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