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I am truly enjoy playing golf at my spare time, New Year day is around the corner,I have been considering changing out my current Ping K15 Irons.I was obsessed with the X Hot Irons after trying them.They are not noly everthing I wanted them to be and more, but also are rock solid irons, providing the playability and forgiveness you’d expect from Callaway, while offering surprisingly responsive feel and even more surprising workability for game improvement clubs. 

After the Callaway X-24 Hot Irons, many new designs were made as a result of the Callaway X Hot Irons. Callaway's award-winning Research and Development team has incorporated a Deep Undercut Cavity Design and Speed Frame Face Technology into the irons, resulting in improved distance, feel and ball speed. 
They have been meticulously engineered,both in terms of physical characteristics and club configuration, to increase ball speed and promote overall distance optimisation. In doing so I think we have raised the bar and created the standard in distance for the irons category. Golfers will very much enjoy the results.
The Callaway X Hot Irons have been designed for two things, to give you the distance that you need along with a little help in getting the ball off the ground and to do so without giving you a chunky set of irons which look ‘game improvement’ making these ideal for mid-high handicappers who need the help but understand that looks matter in the golf bag and at address. 
The slimmer sole with slightly less offset and a slimmed cavity make this iron set look a little more ‘pro’ for the right look. You get more distance throughout the set with more consistent gapping in the mid or long irons, while a deep undercut stiffens the top portion of the face and also lowers the hot spot to where most golfers hit the ball giving you the longest irons Callaway have ever made.
Its Speed Frame Face maximizes ball speeds all across the face for longer, more consistent distance. Technology borrowed from our drivers has actually been applied to these irons to produce the higher ball speeds and explosive distance that you’re looking for.The X Hot irons also incorporate "Feel Management Technology" in the back of the clubhead, for crisper feel and sound.
In my opinion,X Hot australia golf online is real hot,I really enjoy the look and feel of these irons.There's a marked difference in the feel when compared to my last irons when solid contact is made. It will be hard for me to not keep these clubs for a long, long time.They create a better transfer of energy from clubface to golf ball, thereby boosting ball speed and distance performance.

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