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Founded by Gary Adams in 1978, TaylorMade is best known as the company that introduced metal woods to the game of golf. Today, TaylorMade continues to be one of golf's most popular equipment manufacturers, with dozens of touring professionals playing and wearing their products.
Company History
TaylorMade was born on the range at the 1978 Walt Disney World Team Championship when Adams introduced himself and three metal woods to touring pro Ron Streck. By 1979, his clubs were declared to be conforming by the USGA and were being played on the PGA Tour. TaylorMade's first Tour victory would not come until 1981, but the revolution had most certainly begun. Today, TaylorMade has grown into the second largest golf equipment manufacturer in the world and one of the most popular club makers on the Tour.
Range of Products
TaylorMade produces a full line of golf products including clubs, balls, hats, travel gear and accessories. Technological innovation remains a hallmark of the company. TaylorMade was the first manufacturer to mass produce a driver with removable, adjustable weights that can be changed to optimize a player's ball flight. While not exactly the first manufacturer of a hybrid club, TaylorMade was certainly the first to take it to the next level with its now-famous "rescue clubs." Again, since TaylorMade's introduction of the rescue club, hybrid irons and woods have become the standard in the game. TaylorMade also makes a strong line of golf balls that have produced winning results on tour.
One of the most prominent brands on tour, TaylorMade is the second largest producer of golf equipment and one of the most popular brands of irons and drivers,such as TaylorMade SLDR Driver, among professionals. The interesting thing about Taylor Made is the company's focus on the average player, compared to other top Tour sponsors. Top competitor Titleist, for example, tends to focus on high-skill players, whereas TaylorMade makes clubs and equipment for players of all levels. TaylorMade is popular among amateurs precisely because of its focus on delivering game improvement clubs at competitive pricing.
Price Comparison
Considering the size and scale of TaylorMade as well as the company's market reach, it is one of several companies that truly drive pricing in the market. Drivers range from $200 to $400, iron sets range from $500 to $900, hybrids from $130 to $200 and putters are priced up to about $300. These prices are relatively consistent with the prices for top-tier new equipment from other well-known golf companies.
Pre-Owned Site
One of the latest and most popular features TaylorMade has launched in recent years is the company's pre-owned website where you can search for and purchase pre-owned, used and reconditioned golf clubs at prices discounted to new equipment on australia golf online.

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