Tons of tech built into the Titleist AP1 714 Irons

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If you are a golfer, you understand that the name Titleist is synonymous with quality. Recently,I upgraded from Mizuno MP-64 Irons to the AP1 714 Irons. Huge difference in my game now as these irons are so easier to hit and the ball flys higher, straighter, and farther.I highly recommed these irons for the recreational to mildly serious golfer. You will not be disappointed. 
These Irons are designed to more accurately define your iron shots, not from a greater distance standpoint but at the right distance and Titleist crafted these irons - without making the clubs bigger - specifically to improve ball flight and forgiveness. Though the cast AP1’s feature the largest club heads that Titleist makes, they are not as big as several competing models in the game-improvement category. Titleist adds that among the smaller-headed, game-improvement irons available, the AP1 is the most forgiving.
The Titleist AP1 714 Irons are the longest, most forgiving Titleist irons ever for serious golfers who want longer distance, maximum forgiveness, solid feel, and great looks in a game-improvement irons. They provide higher-launching long irons and lower-launching short irons for longer flight with stopping control.
With the long irons (3-6) featuring thin faces designed to increase ball speed, dual-cavity construction that is now enhanced by a deep undercut beneath the topline in the upper cavity, and a lower cavity housing with a high-density tungsten weight in the toe section the 714 AP1’s are able to pull the sweet spot of the iron more to the center of the hitting area. Also, the soles of the long irons are wider than the last edition of the AP1 to make the clubs work through the turf more effectively and help steep-swingers avoid hitting fat shots. The leading edges of the Titleist AP1 714 Irons also are more rounded and camber has been added to the soles, all to help the clubs avoid digging into the ground.
There is increased forgiveness from the high-MOI design that utilizes high-density tungsten weights. A high moment of inertia (MOI) provides more ball speed across the face and more distance on miss-hits. The progressive center-of-gravity (CG) design better aligns the sweet spot where impact occurs, lower in the long irons and higher in the short, and produces an incredibly solid feel. The club structure and cavity insert tune face vibration for feel.
The smooth turf interaction improves feel with a pre-worn leading edge that prevents digging and more front-to-back camber that allows the club to release smoothly from the turf. A combination satin and mirror polish finish looks great at address and in the bag. The set configuration includes a 48-degree Gap Wedge.
In my opinion,I am very pleased with the AP1 714 cheap golf clubs. They are easy to hit and feel very solid at impact.These clubs live up to the Titleist quality. Solid forgiveness but great feel as well, the perfect blend. 

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