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I got to try the Big Bertha Diablo Driver a friend had and I was hooked. I bought my own Diablo about a month ago to replace my old Ping G15 Driver.I can already tell the difference in distance and accuracy.I have improved my score with this club.with it and it keeps geting better and better. 
When people think of Callaway most of the time, one name pops into their head. The BIG BERTHA. In 1991 Callaway created the “Big Bertha” Driver, an oversized driver named for the huge gun used by the Germans during World War I to drop shells on Paris from six miles away. The principle behind Callaway’s creation of the metal wood driver was that it put more weight around the perimeter of the head of the club, resulting in a thinner face. According to Callaway, this gave the golfer a greater “feel” at the time of impact with the ball. Moreover, the golfer did not have to hit the ball precisely on the button to obtain directional control and good distance. Soon golfers were swearing by them, and sales surpassed all the other brands of golf clubs made in America.
Callaway Golf's Big Bertha Driver is famous for that it combines wicked power and distance with the generous sweet spot . Edge Technology provides a high MOI  and an optimized CG  location for this Diablo Draw Driver that produces long, penetrating ball flights with the desired shot shape. It also helps golfers release the club at impact with full power, especially when swinging aggressively. Hyperbolic Face Technology increases ball speed across the entire face of the club helping send balls further down the fairway, even on miss-hits.
This drivers are outfitted with several core technologies, including both relatively new innovations and technologies that have stood the test of time. The club's Hyperbolic Face Technology, for instance, represents Callaway's commitment to setting a standard in the all-titanium driver market. Three years in the making, Hyperbolic Face Technology redefines the speed at which golf balls leave the clubface by strategically re-shaping the face with a hyperbolic curve. This dramatically improves the impact efficiency and produces a larger effective hitting area, in turn generating higher ball speeds across the entire face. Golfers with Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Driver will enjoy significant distance on off-center hits, giving you less disparity between the balls you hit in the center of the clubface.
Its titanium clubhead features Callaway’s new Edge Technology which allows the centre of gravity to be ideally placed in the clubhead.The unique shape of the head helps the clubface to close at impact to deliver more power on every drive. The use of Hyperbolic Face Technology on the inside of the face helps the club deliver the highest ball speeds of any Big Bertha driver across the entire clubface.Stability and an optimum distribution of weight are delivered by the usual Callaway S2H2 short, straight, hollow hosel to remove weight from that area of the club. 
All in all,if you want to hit it long and straight you have to have them. Fairly new to golf I need all the advantages I can get, these cheap golf clubs help a ton.

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