Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter makes it easy to line up your putt

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When it was time to look for a new putter for myself, my golfer friends had just bought new odyssey putters and liked them. So I went to try a few. The sabertooth model gave me a more secure feeling as it was easy to line up and hit the ball solid each time due to the weighting. After using it now for a few weeks I know that for me I made the right choice. 
The dual fangs of this Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter contain 37% of the putter's total weight, offering a high MOI design and creating incredible stability for an accurate stroke path. The aiming channels help align the putter to your intended target for more drained putts. The Sabertooth is constructed with a soft elastomer core that is highly resilient for exceptional feel and truer roll, while a thin, firm outer striking surface infused with urethane provides fine-tuned responsiveness. The multi-layer insert allows weight to be shifted to the perimeter of the head for higher MOI and better stability.
This club makes lining up your put absolutely easy. These putters ensure that even off-center shots are accurate with their double fanged head that provides perimeter weighting. Besides, this putter features aiming channels within the fangs for a steady and well balanced alignment. The multi-layer inert White Hot XG of it provides effortless soft strikes and also aids in assessing distance accurately. It is ideal for professionals and beginners with their dual bars jutting out from the middle of the shaft for improved alignment.
The Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter represents the latest in innovative high MOI designs from Odyssey. Featuring the most radical head shape in golf, the Sabertooth utilizes high-density Dual Fangs to position more weight to the outer-most limits, helping keep the putter on-line during the stroke for wicked accuracy. The design of White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter produces a MOI level higher than Odyssey's most stable 2-Ball putters. The Aiming Channels inside the fangs makes lining up putts easier and the multi-layer White Hot XG insert, Odyssey's most popular and most responsive insert, generates Odyssey's softest feel with fine-tuned responsiveness.
It was in the bag of Rocco Mediate this year when he challenged Tiger so brilliantly at the US Open. The unusual headshape, with two sets of “fangs”, is designed to provide a high moment of inertia which should help with both alignment and stroke. The White Hot XG insert is inspired by the multi-layer technology seen in Callaway balls, this provides a soft feel and improved feedback.
The soft face insert makes it feel as though the ball isn't even there when you hit it, but makes distance management easy. It also gets the ball rolling quickly, rather than bouncing or skidding off the putter face. An excellent feature is the two bars coming off the middle of the back of the putter, which help in alignment, and a nice benefit is that these same two bars allow you to easily scoop up the ball off the ground after you're finished with the hole. 
All in all, it is an excellent putter for all skill levels. I highly recommend this putter. It's shaved 6-10 strokes a round off my game when compared with my old scotty cameron putters australia.Once you get by the looks of the club and start putting, you'll realize how well designed the club is. The face size is just right and the flair of the wings give it incredible balance to keep the line. It also is pretty cool that a golf ball fits in the teeth on the back end for easy pick-up without bending over. If this putter can't help your game, give up golf. Perfectly balanced, all you have to do it put it in your belly and swing.

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