Titleist 913H Hybrid fullfill my dream

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I was looking for a new hybrid that I could hit around 220 yrds, so Tried most of them out (Callaway,Ping G25 Hybrid,and Titleist). I decided to go with the 913H, because it performed the best for my swing. I was hitting it on the line with a slight draw each time. Easy to get up, and distance was consistent. 

Titleist 913H is a high performance hybrid that delivers distance with stability through the midsize head with low and deep weighting for all-around performance with outstanding ground contact. Our patented SureFit Tour hosel technology allows loft and lie to be independently adjusted to precisely fit your game.
Most of the changes are on the inside of the 117cc head as the centre of gravity moves forward as you go up the lofts to try and get the right launch and spin conditions to get the club going forward, but high enough to land properly on the green.Certainly when we put then 913H through its paces, the flight was very consistent and just what you would want as a better player. The sound and feel was good too and the progressive offset that increases as you go up the lofts was there, but not so in your face as to put you off.
The other change you will see at address is the shorter and smaller SureFit Tour hosel that enables the loft and lie of the club to be adjusted to suit your game. On the smaller hybrid, this change is a big improvement as the 910 hosel did look a bit chunky.Titleist seem to have given this range of hybrids a lot of thought in terms of the lofts and set ups as you go from 17 to 27 degrees. If you play multiple hybrids then we feel that the various 913H lofts will complement each other very well. You need to play them differently too, with more of a fairway ‘sweep’ swing with the 17 and 19 degree versions and a more steep ‘iron’ style swing for the higher 24 and 27 degree lofts.
The SureFit Tour hosel features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings, marked 1-4 and A-D respectively. The 16 possible combinations each create a unique loft and lie combination, allowing you to tweak your chosen fairways set-up to perfectly fit into your game.A hotter, high speed, forged face insert provides more speed over a larger area of the face, especially on shots hit from the heel and toe area. This hot face helps maximise your launch and with reduced spin which helps you get the longest distances from the tee or the fairway.Even finer tuning has gone into the sound and feel on each shot. The high standard of acoustics helps you get fantastic levels of feedback directly for the sound you hear at impact.
Each Titleist 913H Hybrid comes fitted with an interchangeable weight in the rear of the sole, allowing you to fine tune head weight to your preferred feel or to match a new shaft's balance point. Please note that only one weight is provided as standard but extra weights are available to buy separately.The interchangeable weight chip placed at the rear of the club has allowed the Titleist designers to move more of the clubhead's total weight lower and further back. This optimises the launch and reduces spin for longer distances.
Try this hybrid australia golf online if you are looking for a new one because i was blown away.This hybrid's adjustability allows you to tune its performance perfectly to your own requirements. The club sets up nicely with a more classic profile, not the odd and distracting look of many other hybrids. The strike feels very solid and the ball flight is penetrating, producing maximum distance. I found this club to be a great alternative on holes where driver is too much or it's a very tight fairways.

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