Push to lure international golf tourists to NZ

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New Zealand has more golf courses per capita than any other country in the world and Tourism New Zealand wants to do more to attract golf tourists.

A new marketing campaign is aiming to boost our earnings from golf tourism by nearly $80 million over the next three years.
Wealthy golfers pay nearly $500 to play just 18 holes of golf titleist ap2 714 irons at Pebble Beach in California but US tourist Walt Sauer says the game is just as good in New Zealand.
"I think it's still the last paradise and I think the combination of the Kiwi people and the friendliness and calibre of the golf courses is as good as it is anywhere in the world," Mr Sauer said.
Internationally, golf tourism is a $32 billion market, but New Zealand captures less than 0.3 percent of it and a new industry group wants to change that.
Andrew Fraser from Tourism New Zealand believes that in the past New Zealand hasn't promoted its "fabulous courses".
"They're actually not that busy which is a great offer for international tourists," he said.
High end courses like Kauri Cliffs in Northland and Wairakei in Taupo will be promoted but smaller, local clubs hope there will be a benefit for them too.
Tourism NZ says so far the response to its marketing of the premium courses ping g20 irons has been positive.

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