Ping G25 Irons are designed to be versatile

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Until now I have used taylormade speedblade irons and wanted to switch gears. I tried multiple irons, the Ping G25 irons were by far the best for me. Good looking heads, great feel and added distance, love the shaft, went with the stiff steel, you can shape shots with ease and the ball really powers off the face. off center shots are not too bad and you get a good feed back from the club. Good value these are a must for anyone wanting to save a few shots.
The introduction of the G25 irons marks an advancement in PING’s presentation of their ‘extreme forgiveness’ line. They are marketing the G25’s as all-ability irons that should appeal to a wide variety of players.The boost to launch angle is achieved in part through Ping's Custom Tuning Port, which is ingetrated into the sole to move more of the clubhead's mass low. The CTP also aligns behind the clubface's impact zone, another way of lowering the center of gravity and boosting MOI.
A key reason that the G25’s are able to creep into that all-ability category is through changes to the line’s aesthetics. While previous G series irons were among the widest soled, clunkiest looking, and most offset irons on the market, the G25’s feature a thinner top line, progressive sole widths, and less offset than their predecessors. These new features, in addition to a smoky black finish, make the G25’s stand out as irons that provide the benefits of game improvement without an extreme appearance.
The Ping G25 irons are high-launching, game-improvement implements with a dark, non-glare matte finish.provides a look which appeals to a wide variety of golfers looking for a game improvement model. The sole widths vary (wide to narrow) from the 3-iron through pitching wedge to provide higher-launching, more forgiving long irons, and short irons with added playability and control.
The trajectory is also very good and penetrating and the lower Custom Tuning Port unit and stablity bars really help to increase the rigidity at impact as well as providing that lovely feel. The face feels lively enough without being too bouncy and when we find ourselves hitting irons for the joy of striking them in our testing we know that the G25 irons will be a winner.
This set also helps create a solid impact feel - something Ping addresses in other ways, too.Support bars in the cavity, plus a cavity badge, help create solid feel and sound.he CTP is lower than the ping g20 irons and integrated into the sole to lower mass and position the CG for high-launching, forgiving results. Support bars align with the impact area to ensure a solid feel and distance control throughout the set. Elastomer cavity badge improves feel.The profile is sleeker with thinner toplines and moderate offset. The sole widths are progressive through the set, wider in the long irons for more forgiveness and assistance with launch angle, less-wide in the short irons for control.
Overall,they offered a well-balanced combination of distance, forgiveness, consistency, and playability. Excellent set of irons. Great looking clubs and are very forgiving to hit. I would rate them right up there with any other name brand irons.

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