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I bought R11S driver because I had seen so many others using it and getting great results. I wasn't disappointed´╝îit has improved my game tremendously than my previous titleist 913d2 driver. What I like most is the look and feel of the club and the capability of adjusting the loft and face of the club. I highly recommend it.
The new TaylorMade R11S driver features a clubhead shape that is intended to suit the eye of better players, while still providing forgiveness and confidence for average players. TaylorMade says the head boasts a contemporary, slightly more triangular appearance than traditionally shaped drivers.Although similar to the TaylorMade R11 driver, it a flat-white crown color and black PVD face to improve alignment and accuracy off the tee.
It has the maximum 460cc capacity head which can appear up to 2% larger thanks to its white colour. This added appearance adds to your confidence and inspires you right from the first tee.TaylorMade's 5-Way 'Adjustable Sole Plate' (ASP) technology on the base of the club head is a five-point plate which can be rotated and secured with the wrench tool. This will allow you to adjust face angle of the club without adjusting the loft. The face angle can be set as Neutral, Slightly Open, Open, Slightly Closed and Closed.
Sean Toulon the Executive vice president of TaylorMade "With the proper fitting, we know golfers of all skill levels will be longer and straighter off the tee."The TaylorMade R11S Driver takes all the outstanding features of the R11 Driver but with some amazing new additions. The 5-way Adjustable Sole Plate and 3-degree Flight Control Sleeve will give you unmatchable distance. Up to 80 different set ups can be achieved from this one club.
It uses a 'Flight Control Technology' (FCT) hosel, letting each golfer adjust the loft of their club, up or down, by 3 degrees. This changes the launch angle that the ball leaves the face of the club.Inverted Cone Technology has been milled directly into the back of the club face which makes the sweet spot bigger, giving you more forgiveness on off-centre strikes. The R11S design has been developed to make the club appear larger at address even with its standard face height. The face allows the club to be even more forgiving on miss hits from the tee.
Each driver is fitted with an Aldila RIP Phenom 60 graphite shaft which weighs 60 grams. The RIP shaft features a Reverse Inter-laminar Placement which provides more stability at impact without getting a harsh feeling associated with some firmer tip shafts.
All in all,this club head is definitely advanced technology because I'm hitting the ball further and straight. Have fun play more golf,the club is weighted very well and has a very forgiving nature.I'm driving the ball further and more consistantly straighter than ping g25 driver without any adjustment. 


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