It is worth the upgrade from G20 to G25 Irons

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Ping's G series iorns gain more lovers than the I line. The G series ionrs are traditionally  game-improvement irons. They are very helpful for average golfers to improve the distance. Also  you can use these irons to hit the ball higher, farther and straigher. 
I am a 12 handicap and these clubs are both forgiving and a 15 yard improvement over my previous  clubs. As a newer set, the ping g25 irons look, feel and perfor better than the previous g20's. Even  thought many golfers still prefer g20 irons to newer model. Both g25 and g20 has their own  benefits. These are worth the upgrade, particularly for better players. They’ll get a lot more  performance from the narrower soles and higher-launching long irons, as well. Visually there has  been some good improvements as the top line and sole are thinner than the G20 irons, which had  got a little bloated. Someone said they did not like the look of g20s. The G20 has a wider sole  than its predecessor, particularly in the toe area, which increases the moment of inertia and  forgiveness of the iron.  
The G25's are more compact than the G20's in every way — especially the short irons, which  our reviewer called "downright svelte looking." The G20's I have hit and i quite like but the  sole is too thick for me, so as much as i love the Ping look and the lack of a ferrule they are  a none starter. The G25's could be the ones i prefer. The face feels lively enough without being  too bouncy and when we find ourselves hitting irons for the joy of striking them in our testing  we know that the G25 irons will be a winner. The sound and feel of the Ping G20 irons at impact  were every bit as good as the G15 and the flight was maybe slightly higher thanks to the extra  weight in the sole. 
Why the g25 irons are considerable more compact than the G20's? Because the extreamely wide sole  and large amount of offset. The smaller iorns become more firgiving. A sleeker design featuring  thinner top lines and moderate offset offers a look that will appeal to a wide variety of  golfers looking for a high-launching, extremely forgiving game-improvement model. 
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Generally speaking, I hit the G25 Irons side by side with the G20. They really felt the same.  Slightly less offset and not as wide in the sole but no technology difference. To my opinion,  the newer g25 irons are better. 

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