Wonderful and nice TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

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RocketBladez irons have given me one-club additional length and have raised the trajectory of ball flight. They are mostly forgiving and off-center hits still travel as far as my older taylormade burner 2.0 irons. They represent a significant change in the evolution of golf club construction and design. Since putting them into the bag, my number of birdies has doubled and makable birdie putt attempts have soared. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for RocketBladez.
This iron set has been launched with much fanfare, but that is OK when there is a significant technical improvement. In this case it is the speed pocket on the sole of the club which allows the face to flex more to generate more ball speed and hence distance.
It is the same principle that you know and love from the RocketBallz fairway wood, but this is the first time it has been put into an iron. TaylorMade want to be the number one distance iron and this is right in that category as it is all about ball speed. The technologies for increase speed that started in drivers are now coming to irons and the manufacturing processes improve to allow them to increase the spring like effect of the faces of irons.
The other main benefit is more forgiveness and TaylorMade say that in comparison to previous distance irons, there are less hot spots where the ball goes further off one part of the face than another. Certainly when we tried them the iron was very forgiving right across the face and the feel was excellent. You hardly ever got the feeling that you had mis-hit them as it always felt good and even strikes that were near thins, felt and flew much like a normal shot.
The other big difference for us was the design of the taylormade rocketbladez irons. You might expect it to be chunky with lots of offset, but you would be wrong. They are not blades (despite the name) and the mid-sized heads had a generous but not too thick top line and the offset was no more than you would expect on an average iron. We feel that the RocketBladez, especially the long irons, will be in the bags of a wide range of players.
The speed pocket only features in the 3-7 irons and then they go to more traditional cavity backs. Normally this is where we get worried as the short irons in a cast distance set are well it all falls down. However, we have to say the RocketBladez wedges are really lovely to hit,complement the rest of the set very well and are one of the best wedges we have tried in this category.
There is also a notch on the hosel now to allow it to be bent for custom fitting and this is a great development and it adds to the style of the club, which apart from the graphics is very good. There is a choice of Rocketfuel shafts which are a little lighter than normal to aid more speed and could be why we felt the heads seemed a little heavier than normal when you swing them.
Overall TaylorMade have managed to blend distance with looks and playability and this could turn out to be one of the defining irons in golf club development so we would definitely recommend it.These Irons are great and Improve your game dramatically. I have tried callaway x hot irons and can't hit them nearly as far as these.

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