Titleist 913h hybrid with Great feel and feedback

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I haven’t been a fan of hybrids. I had an Adams A2 for years and recently got rid of it because I got a 3 iron and didn’t hit it anymore. I was way behind in hybrid technology, so I made a purchase of the Titleist 913h hybrid to give hybrids another chance. 


The great parts of hybrids is that they are versatile. Off the tee, anywhere from tee to green, and chipping. I took the plastic and stickers off a new one I purchased and teed it up on a short par 4. The feel was great. I felt the head throughout the swing and hit a high and soft draw with the first swing. I hit it solid and it sets up great at address.


It is all blacked out. No markings like the callaway x hot irons. I hit it well out of the rough. The CG is low and gets the ball up in the air. The hit sits more like a fairway wood than a hybrid, which is why in my mind I felt like I could hit it. You can adjust it and get it fine tuned, but the way I hit it out of the box I am not going to mess with it too much. The head felt on the heavier side of newer clubs, which I like because I can feel where it is at during the full swing and hit it more accurately.


PLAYABILITY: Superb versatility -- a club for all occasions; produces a midto- low trajectory that's easy to shape; can handle any lie; adjustable hosel allows testers to dial in their ideal ball flight.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Very accurate hybrids; adjustability can mask a lot of ball-flight deficiencies; enough help to cover some mistakes, but don't expect miracles on mis-hits.
DISTANCE: Consistent, predictable carry; the 913H delivers above-average overall length, with more roll than many other cheap golf clubs hybrids.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t totally blown away by the 913H. It’s not a bad club; as you’ll see once we dig into things, I am pretty sure the problem is that it’s too good, at least for me.  Something about it just seems to lack the “Good Lord This Is Everything I Ever Want Out Of A Club!” feel that the H’s 913 cousins have left me with. Inconsistent trajectories, a chunky, heavy feel at impact, and not-all-that-effective shot shaping were all things I experienced in my range time with the 913H, none of which inspired a ton of confidence.


I say give it a try. It is easier to hit then my taylormade rocketballz rbz irons and I am going to test out more hybrids now to see how they perform. The 913H went as far as I needed it to, filling the gaps I was looking for just fine.

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