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JetSpeed Driver is a great golf club. It is all it's advertized to be. I like the club and I hit it well, it is the first driver to incorporate TaylorMade's Speed Pocket technology, allowing for increases ball speed and distance, especially on low-face impacts. This  expanded distance-generating zone ensures that drives will fly straighter and go farther on any  number of contact areas. 
A stealthy, matte-black and jet-inspired look aids in alignment and  confidence, and lower CG combines with a tour-level shaft offering to increase swing speed.  Engineered for distance, the JetSpeed is locked, loaded, and ready for launch. It features the omnipresent Speed Pocket that has made an appearance in almost every other product the company has released in recent times. While the Speed Pocket is often given credit for distance gains in other TaylorMade clubs, with the JetSpeed driver it has been incorporated to increase forgiveness, specifically low-face forgiveness.
First came RocketBallz, then RocketBallz-ier,now TaylorMade Jetspeed driver - longest just got longer again because crazy speed runs in the family. The TaylorMade Men's JetSpeed Driver offers a specially engineered Speed Pocket resulting in more face flexing for explosive distance. A low-and-forward center of gravity produces high-launching shots, with reduced spin, for maximum playability. Long and light construction, featuring a 46" shaft and 299g head weight, enhances swing speed - helping you pick up a few extra yards.
It should be noted that because the Speed Pocket is filled with a polymer, there are no issues with material collecting inside it like we’ve seen with some other slotted clubs in past years.Unlike some of the other Taylormade drivers, take taylormade r11s driver for example, the JetSpeed's Centre Of Gravity has been moved to a low and forward position which gives you lower amounts of spin and faster ball speeds on tee shots hit low on the club face.
Due to face curvature, the common result from low face misses with drivers is a shot with increased spin, which often results in a higher, shorter shot. On the JetSpeed, the Speed Pocket was designed to allow the driver to maintain lower backspin rates with this miss, which in theory should help preserve carry distance.The low and front CG is a very different set up to the low and back CG of the RBZ Stage 2 driver so you do have a lot of choice at present and if you want a TaylorMade driver then some professional advice on all these models is a must.
In conclusion, this driver will suit more amateur golfers than the SLDR, as the higher spinning face will suit those whose driver clubhead speed is under 95mph,the club was great my distance over my old taylormade r1 black driver was 20 yards better and that was all I could hope for.

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