Performance of titleist cb 714 irons is not an issue

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The "CB" and "MB" in the names of these 714 Series irons from Titleist stand for "cavityback" and "muscleback." These are traditional forged blades, the MB with a full muscleback and the titleist cb 714 irons with a shallow cavity.


Both sets have a minimal, progressive offset, but the hosel-to-leading-edge blend is tweaked to reduce the amount of offset the golfer notices. The satin finish on both clubs, Titleist says, helps alignment by accentuating the toe and topline; and a straighter leading edge helps promote a square setup.


The soles of the 714 CB irons are slightly wider than those on the titleist MB 714 irons, which allows for more front-to-back camber in the CBs. McGinley says that Titleist has given the 714 CB a straighter leading edge, and the edge itself has been made less sharp and comes from the factory "pre-worn."


The CB irons (above) are smaller and more workable than the titleist ap2 714 irons, and the MB irons (below) are the smallest and most workable among the entire Titleist family. Minimal changes to both irons include a smoother sole width progression through the set (the sole width of every iron is different), and a slightly straighter leading edge for better turf interaction.


In addition, Titleist has made the sole more curved from the leading edge to the back of the sole. This curve, known as camber, helps to make the cheap golf clubs work through the ground more easily – even on steeper swings that better players often create in order to produce a fade. Titleist also designed the transitional portion of the heel area where the leading edge blends into the hosel (known as the par area) to be smoother and straighter so the hosel appears to flow more directly into the head.


Finally, Titleist subtly updated the cosmetics of the 714 CB irons by using both shiny chrome and brushed chrome. Better players who demand feel and precision may like these clubs, but McGinley acknowledges that they are not for everyone.

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