BackSpin: Common Mental Mistakes

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There's a lot of downtime in golf, which allows our minds to wander. Some players begin to think of the holes that are coming up, while others are thinking of the phone message they just received from work. These are distractions that will take away from you being focused on the current shot.


Use a mental routine, breath deep, and survey the shot at hand. Check for wind, elevation changes—basically, do what you can to distract yourself from your score and think more about hitting shots with titleist 913 d2 driver. You can only control the current shot, and thinking of what could happen to your score will only pull you away from making a relaxed, confident swing.


Believing to take a ping k15 driver, you can hit a shot successfully is crucial to lower scores. Unfortunately, many play golf with doubt and fear. So many choose to remember poor shots or think of worst-case scenarios. You need to choose to be confident by recalling past shots you've hit well in similar situations, visualizing the shot exactly how you want to perform it. Check your self-talk to make sure you switch it from negative to positive, and improve practice habits to work on shots that give you trouble.


By using other mental game skills like course management, focus and emotional control, you'll actually improve your confidence. All aspects work together to make or break your performance. Put time in today to avoid making these mental mistakes, and see your score lower.

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