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 PING releases a new G series driver that adds a new wrinkle to the well-established formula of FORGIVING + LONG = GOOD DRIVER.  With the Ping G25 driver for sale, that new wrinkle is adjustability. 

The G25 has a really big footprint; it’s big from heel to toe and front to back.  For a lot of people that’s confidence-inspiring, and I’d guess it’s part of the reason this club is so easy to hit. The matte black crown, a look that PING basically owns, is awesome.  It kills all the glare and it looks mean.
As far as feedback, most centered shots feel pretty similar, but you will know it when you catch one significantly towards the toe or heel.  It seems that for clubs this forgiving, you do lose a little of the sensitivity to impact location, but I will happily lose that feel for extra distance and fairways.
As with any PING product, performance is what it’s really about, and the G25 does perform.  The most notable feature of the G25 is its forgiveness.  I hit the ball all over the face (on purpose, of course) and saw minimal ball speed loss when compared to other drivers.  Additionally, heel and toe shots didn’t produce the big gear effect hooks and slices that you might expect from other drivers.
On the range, the G25 is almost boring to hit: put a decent swing on it and the ball is going to go high and straight. There are some sublte changes to the head shape of the G25 driver from the ping g20 driver price australia. It is slightly longer front to back and now looks a a fraction triangular. It is also taller at the face and the sole weight at the back is less pronounced and not as tall. These are all small changes to improve the performance of the club, but unfortunately it does not do much for the sound which as a result of the new shape is a little more piercing than before.
The other thing that always amazes me about PING is the quality of their stock shafts.  Lots of equipment nerds (myself included) hold their nose at the thought of playing stock shafts, but in the case of the G25, the shaft and head were literally made for each other. The TFC 189D shaft is back weighted (heavier in the butt) to counterbalance the heavier G25 head.  According to ping k15 driver for sale, this leads to more swing speed and distance.
The bottom line is this: whether you’re one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour like Hunter Mahan or an everyday 30-handicap, you can play the G25 and have fun.  I’m not sure there’s any other driver on the market that I would blindly recommend to golfers over the G25. 

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