Ping K15 Driver helps correct my swing

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I purchased Ping K15 Driver again to replace the current ping g25 driver for sale. K15 driver naturally fits my swing. The driver is easy to hit for people with average swing speed. There is nothing i don't like about this driver.K15 is an older model than the new G25. G25 shaft seems to be made for faster swing. K15 Driver feels the best and hits the best for my swing. 
This features patent pending Straight Flight Technology that uses an extreme external weight pad to move 10% of the clubhead mass towards the heel. By repositioning the centre of gravity this provides a natural rotation through impact. The design of the Ping K15 driver means that the external sole weight pad is largely concealed.
It has a larger 460cc head design that moves weight away from the clubface to push the centre of gravity backwards and provide a higher trajectory. By increasing the length from heel to toe, Ping has also been able to create a larger surface to provide high levels of forgiveness and higher ball velocity.
Ping's own Ultra Thin Crown Technology has been utilised to redistribute 8 grams to the external weight pad and further enhance the position of the centre of gravity and moment of inertia.The Ping K15 driver has a much longer head front to back than the Ping G15 Driver and this delivers a more forgiving face with a slightly higher trajectory.
At address the head looks much larger as if someone has sat on the G15, but in a nice way. It gives you a lot of confidence and you just have to waft it near the ball to get another drive effortlessly away. A lot of these deep centre of gravity drivers end up looking a bit triangular, but Ping have managed to keep the lovely curved shape that their drivers have become renowned for.
The face is more rectangular than most drivers for more forgiveness and the SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology) heel bulge that you can see from the front is cleverly blended into the design so that you hardly notice it. The feel was very good indeed and due to the longer shallower head the impact sound is more high pitched than the G15 but still gives a powerful quality ping noise.
It was great fun to hit and if you struggle to get the ball off the ground with your driver then you should definitely try this out as it will get the ball airborne without sending it into the clouds.
To sum up, I will continue to work with the Ping K15, as I am sure it will help me in my quest to hit the ball straight. This is a very nice club and should help me in the long run. I have tried them all. Ping has made the best driver I have ever hit in my 20 plus years of golf. Tried taylormade jetspeed driver and new Diablo and they arent' close. 

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