Wonderful feel and balanced weight on Titleist AP2 712 Irons

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No words can explain AP2 712 Irons, they are just Awesome. I went from ping k15 driver australia to the AP2's and cut 15 strokes easily. I just started playing again after 5 years bought the pings because they were supposed to improve my game, that was untrue. Bought the Titleist driver, woods and hybrid. I am driving the ball a mile, Good Job Titleist.
Surpassing themselves with a fantastic set of golf clubs, Titleist has hit the mark with the Titleist AP2 Irons multi-material golf clubs. Featuring a dual cavity design, the Titleist golf clubs provide unmatched feel, thereby helping for great, effortless shots. Approach your shots closer than ever with the added project X shaft of these multi-material golf clubs. 
The technically advanced blades of these golf clubs provide superior shot workability in addition to giving increased forgiveness. Moreover, the multi-material construction of the Titleist golf clubs offers playability and advanced performance. So, bring home with them and feel the power at your finger tips.
This is certainly a very easy club to hit. At address the offset is larger than in the Titleist AP1 Irons but not so much that it will put better players off. The head size is also larger and inspires a lot of confidence at address without appearing too chunky. The 712 AP2s are a joy to hit and the True Temper Dynamic XP shaft is light and lovely to use.
The Titleist AP2 712 irons feature a dual tungsten weighting in the sole of the club that accounts for 20% of the overall weight of the clubhead. This increases the MOI of the club by 7% without having to make the head longer, which means that it is very forgiving for its size and Titleist claim that it has a 6% smaller dispersion than the previous AP2 model.
The sound and feel at impact is excellent and the trajectory was not much higher than the AP1s. Indeed we could see a lot of single figure golfers using these irons or certainly blending in the longer irons with the shorter irons from the AP1 set. The AP2 irons are a great set and well worth a test if you are as Titliest say, a serious golfer, whatever your handicap.
Titleist has always been about tradition and seem to always be going after the better player. Titleist has long used “700’’ num­bers for irons for a long time. It uses 900 num­bers for metal woods. The “7” stands for irons, while the “12” stands for the new model year, 2012. Acush­net says the feed­back it receives dur­ing this val­i­da­tion process influ­ences the design and spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the Titleist prod­ucts avail­able in golf shops around the world. 
In a word, AP2 is one of the best Titleist irons ever, cruel ball hit, solid feel and control.From my stand, I love them more than titleist ap2 714 irons. Allowed to control the ball. If you have not tried it, do it.

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