Mizuno introduces new JPX 825 Pro Irons

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Mizuno is famous for its irons. Today the words “Grain Flow Forged” are associated with Mizuno’s top-of-the-line MP forged irons. Recently, Mizuno introduced a new clubs - Mizuno JPX 825 Pro Irons - Many golfers are surprised by this set.


Mizuno says this set is aimed at golfers with handicaps from 6 through 18. Unfortunately, if you are a lefty you are out of luck; no left-handed version was offered at the time of the irons' release. If there is one aspect of new irons that might help your scoring, it is consistent distances - and the JPX-825 Pro set has that covered.


At address these JPX irons are not hugely oversized. The relatively thin top line on the 825 Pro will appeal to many players, including PGA Tour player Charles Howell III, who mixes JPX and MP irons in his bag. The clubhead is a satin finish and the face a darker color to provide contrast, which nicely frames the ball. Shots fly accurately, and with a standard Dynalite Gold XP shaft, the feel is soft but sound. Mizuno's triple cut sole design allows flexibility from a variety of lies.


The Mizuno MP-64 irons, nicknamed the “Luke Donald iron,” has a sole that is beveled and softened for accurate turf contact without digging. It has a full-diamond muscle back within a shallow-back cavity. MP-64 is just what golfers might expect from Mizuno: forged irons created to please highly skilled golfers.


One area where the JPX-825 Pro model excels is in the long irons. Very easy to hit. Mishits and miscues in the 4- through 6-irons were reduced from what have been harder-to-hit irons in other brands. While the look and feel stand out on the JPX-825 Pros, I can't say that I was getting a boost in yardage from any of the irons, especially in the short irons.


In a word, if you're a golfer who has been making steady improvements in your iron game, and think you might want to try blades, give the Mizuno JPX 825 Pro irons a try.

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