Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge 2014 Review

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The release of a new Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge always comes great anticipation and curiosity. It is no different with this year’s release of the Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge.


The Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge features forged carbon steel with an upgrade to Titleist’s Spin Mill technology. With the new TX3 grooves, they are deeper and narrower to create more consistency from different lies. The additional space also allows for turf and moisture dispersion that provides spin out the rough that will rival a fairway lie. The addition of this consistency will upgrade the performance of the previously well-received Vokey models.


In addition to the grooves, the selection of grinds will allow players to select the wedge that best fits their swing and playing conditions. There are six different grinds available, each modeled after PGA Tour player preferences. Getting fit for the wedge will be important, as the right grind for each player’s swing will provide the best results and feel.


Having an opportunity to sample and look over the wedges, the look and feel were exceptional. For the look, the traditional Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge Raw Black design offers a clean and compact look at address. Additionally, there are a couple different finishes. On site, there were chrome models and black raw models. Each providing a simple, but appealing look that I would rate 5 stars.


As for the feel, the wedge meets the high expectation that comes with each Vokey design. The soft-forged head gives the player the feedback needed to pinpoint any shot. The response on off-center hits can be easy to identify, and the player is rewarded when a shot is struck perfectly. A crisp sound also accompanies these features to make the wedge a perfect fit for a player looking for feel.


Overall, Titleist was able to take an excellent product and add a few improvements to take it to the next level. With a strong selection of grinds and finishes, the Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge Tour Chrome will be able to meet the needs of any skilled player’s preferences.

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