Titleist AP2 714 Irons show advanced performace

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Having played forged irons(such as callaway legacy forged irons) off and on for over 5 years. I can honestly say that these AP2 714 irons are the best I have played yet. If you are an intermediate to skilled player you will love they way they play and feel.
For those of you familiar with the titleist ap2 712 irons you will probably not notice many changes to the 714 series Titleist AP2 irons apart from the new shiny look with the Titleist logo mirrored in the back of the cavity. Designed to give it more shelf appeal, we like the polished chrome head combined with the matt chrome bar across the back of the cavity and the logo reflected in the cavity is a nice touch.
This allows it to flex a little more and also creates some extra weight to move lower in the head to lower the centre of gravity for more forgiveness. In each corner of the longer irons high density tungsten, which is very heavy for its size, is placed further out towards the heel and toe of the iron to increase the MOI and this makes the long irons much more forgiving than previous versions.The ball shaping is very good, it seems as if all you have to do is picture a draw/fade in your mind and the ball will mold into the most organic shot shape you could dream of. 
Go further than you ever thought possible with the Titleist Men's AP2 714 Irons. Longer flight, with better trajectory control, means you can stick your shot on even the smallest of greens. Solid feel is achieved throughout the set due to a progressive center of gravity that's lower in longer irons and higher in short irons. The dual cavity design, with high density tungsten weighting, helps deliver consistent speed with a high moment of Inertia design.
Titleist AP2 714 Irons feature more meaningful changes under the skin, but not so major that they change the characteristics of the AP2 chassis that has been so successful. Each iron has been designed to match the loft so the long irons have thinner faces than the short irons with the upper cavity face being only 2.1mm thick.
In a word,these are "good player irons",when hit out the middle though, these clubs feel like pure forged blades. Don't be fooled, the quality is worth the price. The long irons are easy to hit, and the short irons have a nice penetrating ball flight.These irons are excellent if used correctly. 

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