Titleist AP1 714 Irons make you feel more confident

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With the launch of their new irons, Titleist is striving to provide distance irons that have shot-stopping ability, and maximum forgiveness with workability. The Titleist AP1 714 Irons are the most forgiving.


Since forgiveness in an iron is speed (you don't want to lose ballspeed when you mishit a shot), the goal of the AP1 irons is to generate the same amount of ballspeed across the face. Consequently, each iron within the set is designed differently. The long irons (3, 4 and 5) have the deepest undercut cavity with the thinnest faces for more ballspeed, and tungsten weights plugged into the toe for greater forgiveness. Shorter irons have no undercut cavity, thicker faces and no tungsten weights for greater workability.


Compared with the Titleist AP1 712 Irons, the 714 AP1s have a more blunted leading edge and more camber in the sole to help improve turf interaction, and they're one degree stronger. The AP1 might make you feel more confident in choosing a 4 or 5 iron over a higher lofted hybrid, and eliminate some of those "weird" shots when the hybrid bounces off the turf, or you're afraid to swing down and through and you catch the leading edge.


There are a number of shaft options out there, and the lightweight True Temper XP95 or XP105 are fast becoming favorites for top players. Getting AP1s with XP95 shafts as "stock" is like buying a car with leather upholstery and no up-charge. Miller, the Northern California senior who still swings well north of 105 mph on his driver likes the fact that he can use a strong shaft (in his case an X100 flex) and retain control of the ball. And he also likes the feel.


"I just feel that under the gun you can feel the head better, because the shaft's lighter," Miller told amateurgolf.com after a recent tournament win before going on to add, "I really, really, like this shaft." At the same time, it also functions nicely as titleist ap2 714 irons for partial swings inside 90 yards. While it may not be the most versatile wedge on the planet, its design fit perfectly into the gap that it filled.


While possibly not on the same level as the smaller profile irons in the 714 series, the AP1’s did allow for relatively easy flighting of the golf ball. In addition, low draws and even a fade (no small task for this golfer) were possible to produce with the right technique.

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