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I'm sometimes asked why I got into golf instruction, and the answer is very simple. I am passionate about the game, and by helping others, and improving their ability to play the game with ping g25 irons price, I am acting as an ambassador for the game of golf, and bringing a little bit more joy to the lives of others.


There's a common saying in the world of photography that the best camera is the one you've got with you, and more and more, smart phones these days are equipped with some pretty decent cameras capable of capturing good video at high frame rates.


I kept one of the holsters for myself, though to be honest I didn't use it much. I put my phone in a very thin case - primarily to protect the back from scratches and make it easier to see, and I didn't want to keep taking it in and out of the case just to use the holster.


As a fan of the holster, and particularly the changes made to this upgraded version, I immediately pledged some cash to help fund the project. In fact, I chose the X Mount Total Package, as it includes a collapsible alignment rod and, more important to me, a clamp with a bendy neck that will let me clamp my phone onto all sorts of things - my golf bag, a golf cart, a table or chair, or more.

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