TaylorMade Helps Creamer get Today’s Success

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People now pay more and more attention to Women's golf Championship recently. A name cannot be ignored in Women's golf, who is Paula Creamer. As a female golf fan, I really follow many female golf player interest, such as Creamer.

I was heard that her first tool for golf is Taylormade, oh, that’s great! Because I am also keen on Taylormade brand golf clubs, especially some cheap golf clubs australia online. Yes, I always find my favourite things online. And not long ago, I just got my new set of taylormade rocketbladez irons. They suits me very well, my husband and I both love them much. Why? We do have reasons.
As we all know, TaylorMade wants to be the number one distance iron and this is right in that category as it is all about ball speed. The technologies for increase speed that started in drivers are now coming to irons and the manufacturing processes improve to allow them to increase the spring like effect of the faces of irons.
The other main benefit is more forgiveness and TaylorMade say that in comparison to previous distance irons, there are less hot spots where the ball goes further off one part of the face than another. Certainly when we tried them the iron was very forgiving right across the face and the feel was excellent. You hardly ever got the feeling that you had mis-hit the taylormade r1 black driver as it always felt good and even strikes that were near thins, felt and flew much like a normal shot.
You might expect it to be chunky with lots of offset, but you would be wrong. They are not blades (despite the name) and the mid-sized heads had a generous but not too thick top line and the offset was no more than you would expect on an average iron.  The speed pocket only features in the 3-7 irons and then they go to more traditional cavity backs. Normally this is where we get worried as the short irons in a cast distance set are well it all falls down. 
I really feel that the taylormade r11s driverand irons will be in the bags of a wide range of golfers’ bags. Creamer has been a famous golfer in world, and this cannot lack of Taylormade’s help, right?

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