Ping K15 Driver or Ping G15 Driver?

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 When I am choosing golf clubs, I am always hesitate on deciding which to buy. A friend told me that he recently like to play golf with Ping brand golf clubs. I don’t know, but I used to paly golf with my favourite Taylormade golf clubs, for example the newest taylormade sldr driver.

However, I am going to have a try of Ping golf clubs after his suggestion. He searched online and found many cheap golf clubs australia with excellent quality and wonderful price. This further strengthened my resolve to buy them for replacement of my taylormade rocketbladez irons.
Among them, we cannot help to buy 2 models, which one should to buy? Ping K15 Driver or Ping G15 Driver? What are the differences between them? A customers online solved my problem very patiently. She is really a lovely girl,lol......
The K15 is going to be the most forgiving with the highest launch and straightest flight. The K15 irons have a wide heavy sole that promotes a high launch easy distance shot. Also the irons have a titanium face that also promotes a high launch as well as faster ball speeds off the face. The K15 woods are also higher launching due to the weight in the heal of the club. This is a preferred choice for the "slicer". 
The G15 is now a dated model that made its debut 2 years ago. The irons are similar to the K15 forgiveness wise but are not as high launching, and do not have a titanium face. The G15 woods has a low center of gravity, and has weights on both the left and right side of the sole. Again not as high launching as the K15 but it does have a neutral set face as address which for most is mentally and physically appealing. 
Ping were cautious entering into the adjustable market, wanting to design a driver and specifically a hosel that wouldn't adversely impact performance or appearance. The hosel design they settled on has the same mass and diameter as past 'fixed' hosels, making the transition to adjustability as seamless as possible.
It has a 460cc head with a larger profile design. The ultra-thin-crown and aerodynamic design redistributes weight along the perimeter of the clubhead, moving the CG (centre of gravity) farther back and lower than any previous Ping driver. This new CG position increases the clubs MOI (moment of interia) and makes it extremely forgiving. The crown, sole and skirt offer the Ping G25 Driver a solid feel and sound. Variable thickness behind the face powerfully transfers the energy of a players swing into the ball, producing fast ball speeds leading to greater distances off the tee.
I really appreciate her patience and good knowledge on golf, but finally, I chose the new G25 Driver. I think it would match my request and habit. Hope I can get more information about new and good golfs from my friends.

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