A Dilemma between Ping G20 Irons And Ping G25 Irons

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Many times, you will be in a dilemma of a wide variety of many cases  as a human begin, such as life, work, study, love, relationship and so on. Recently, I am down in a dilemma of choosing my tools. Have you ever being in such kind of dilemma before? 

As a golf player, I always like to do something online to find my favorites. I now do part time job in a coffees shop during my spare time at high school. That’s why I always do some cheap golf clubs australia online, and I always get perfect ones. Am I too lucky? Lol......
But this time, when I was going to buy my new ping g25 irons online with very good price and service, my friend Mike persuade me to buy his second hand ping g20 irons. He said he just used it for a week, and he want to sell it our for some urgent use. This is really a not good news for me. Because I have planed to buy the g25 for a long period.The Ping G25 irons are high-launching, game-improvement implements with a dark, non-glare matte finish.
The boost to launch angle is achieved in part through Ping's Custom Tuning Port, which is ingetrated into the sole to move more of the clubhead's mass low, which has the same function with ping g20 driver australia. The CTP also aligns behind the clubface's impact zone, another way of lowering the center of gravity and boosting MOI.
It also helps create a solid impact feel - something Ping addresses in other ways, too: support bars in the cavity, plus a cavity badge, help create solid feel and sound. The profile is sleeker with thinner toplines and moderate offset. The sole widths are progressive through the set, wider in the long irons for more forgiveness and assistance with launch angle, less-wide in the short irons for control.
I now have a set of Ping G25 clubs, including the Ping G25 Driver, except the irons. I really eager to own a full set to hit them out by this weekend. I heard that there will be sunny days at this weekend. What should I do now? I am stuck in such kind of dilemma.
However, this is never a dilemma any longer. Why? I have said I am always a luck man, I just got another friend who is going to take a set of g20 irons for replacement. How can I miss such a good chance? Yes, I helped mark to sell his g20 to him. Then things become quite simple. I finally got my g25! Dilemma is no longer a dilemma to me!

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