PING’s latest G25 hybrid offering is very forgiving

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Recently, I unintentionally broke the shaft of my old Titleist 913H Hybrid on a tree and instead of replacing the shaft I tried some of the newer offerings available. Acceidently, I saw the Ping G25 Hybrid, it was a great joy to hit and add whilst, the performance and flight are outstanding. It is the good choice for me.


Generally speaking, the Ping G25 Hybrid is a ultra-forgiving hybrid club that has progressive CG positions help to optimize the launch angle and spin rate of each club, and ensure functional distance gaps.The CG position is lower and farther back in the lower-lofted hybrids to increase the launch angle and make them easier to hit in the air.


A hybrid is unique in the fact that you want them to go far, but not too far.  I have a pretty specific gap to fill by the hybrid that goes into my bag.  I’m looking for my hybrid to cover yardages from 215 yards to around 230 yards – nothing more and usually nothing less.  In the simulator on day 1 of testing I hit several shots that ranged from 217 to 227 yards.  So far, I was quite happy and super excited to get it outside for real life testing.


With a large hitting surface and thin face perimeter provide forgiveness and high ball speeds. A squared-up toe and heel improves consistency and makes alignment easy while it also features a new dark charcoal finish to the head. It comes fitted with the new forgiving TFC 189F shaft available in standard and Tour spec.The Discount Ping G25 Hybrid features a generous face that is a little more square in shape to widen the hitting area in the heel and toe.


By the way, I also own Ping G25 Irons australia. Right across the face, the G25 is very forgiving and feels excellent. I like this a lot and I suspect many golfers will tend to agree with me. The look and shape of the G25 immediately provided me that confidence I need at address.  It just feels right setting up behind the golf ball and you know a good shot is coming.


Hitting with this clean and very forgiving Ping g25 is very happy. They play well out of the rough or the fairway. Off the tee as wellQuality of these hybrids is excellent as are the appearance and performance.

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