How to Improve Your Iron Play and Hit More Greens?

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 As a golf player, you really need to acknowledge much about golf. The most important, you need to know how to choose the golf clubs suit you well. Secondly, learn to choose a good golf course but not just a plastic simple golf course in your office. Go outside to find your best.

However, many people even failed in the first rule. They always find it so hard to get the right cheap golf clubs which suit them well. This is really not good. For example, a friend has been hesitating on whether to choose Titleist CB 714 Irons or Titleist AP2 714 Irons. He always ask me for suggestion. But I told him nothing but to try by himself.
I love Taylormade without any doubt since the first time I play golf when I was 8. Now my golf toll is the taylormade speedblade irons. My father is really a good sample for me. Moreover, I got many useful tips on how to improve my golf skill from him. He should be a teacher, but not just an IT man, lol.......
So, how to improve your skill especially iron play? Actually, lots of players choose a club that requires them to hit a perfect shot to get maximum yardage to reach their target. This results in miss-hits and the ball coming up short. If you have to swing out of your shoes to make a 7-iron go 150 yards, try hitting a 6-iron and make an easier swing instead. When choosing cheap golf clubs, you need to find online several times.
Also, if you’re not hitting the ball solid there may be several reasons why. One issue I consistently find with poor ball-striking is the inability for some players to stay in their posture during the swing. To improve the extension, focus on your footwork and balance during the swing with he taylormade rocketbladez irons in hands. Try making a finish focusing on balancing your weight on the heel of the front foot.
Finally, more and more players are starting to understand the importance of club fitting. If your irons have the incorrect lie angle for your swing, your shots will travel offline despite making a good golf swing. For example, if a golf club is too long, it becomes more difficult to hit the center of the clubface. Do yourself a favor and get fit by a professional so you can know which one is right for you. 

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