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 In the past, I am really not a fan of Ping brand golf clubs. However, things changed since my last time palying golf together with my friend Bob, he hit with Ping g20 very well during our little game. He hits high score each time while I failed. On the one hand, I was so despaired, on the other hand, I admire his new golf tools. I want to change my mind and get my new clubs soon very strongly.

The Ping G20 Driver  is for all ability levels. The external weighting of the G20 driver helps launch the ball high with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy. Distance is generated with a new version of Ping's proprietary high-balance-point shaft technology, which allows the golfer to swing a heavier clubhead at the same speed with a high moment of inertia. The clubface on the 460cc head is larger, creating more forgiveness across the hitting area, and the G20's head rotation is neutral, allowing the golfer to deliver the clubface straight at impact.
This driver pushes distance to the limit without sacrificing forgiveness off the tee by utilizing an external weight that optimizes the center of gravity position to generate high launch and low spin. The G20’s large, variable-thickness face generates faster ball speeds and increases MOI for maximum forgiveness. So does the Ping g 20 irons
The 460cc clubhead is made from Ti 8-1-1, a lighter, lower-density alloy. Ti 8-1-1’s high strength-to-weight ratio allows for additional weight to be strategically placed for increasing the MOI on both the vertical and horizontal axes. Weight savings from varying wall thicknesses in the crown and body are positioned to optimize performance and durability.
Among Ping g20, we cannot forget the Ping G25 hybrid. The Man who get this hybrid in hands then might or might not have donned the hooded sweatshirt, added a down vest, pulled the hood up over his head and arrived at the local softball fields with a shag bag and the new G20.
Wind whipping, flakes flying, then you can drop 15 balls onto the frozen tundra. You guess what? I did do following this, and i  hit 14 in a row like and got first. It’s so cool! I couldn’t help to cry out! Many people who pass by looking at me and smiled. I never felt so proud of myself!

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