How to Aim with Your Body to Play Golf in Balance?

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 Golf playing sounds simple, but many players fail to put themselves into a position to consistently hit their lines due to inconsistent body positioning during throws. While your eyes do play a part, an easy, but often over-looked factor in throwing is to aim with your body.

Aiming with your body is about dictating the process of your throw using your body placement and direction. This is relevant to all types of throws: drives, approaches, and putts. This dictates the left/right accuracy of the shot and gives them the best chance of it going in. In billiards, while there are dozens of variations on the shot, a good billiards player will nearly always have their body positioned the same way, even if they are shooting a draw.
As a matter of fact, there are many parts of the throw that can be referenced for aim, but three of them stand out for aiding in success and consistency in execution. The three methods of aiming are as follows: pointing with the shoulder, leading with the feet, and locking the head into the shot of a ping g25 driver. I will describe each of these but I encourage you to search for your own factors that work best for your throwing style. 
The first step is to poin with the shoulder means that at the start of the X-step, the upper body is parallel to the target line with the throwing shoulder pointing at the target. This position also reflects the upper body positioning during much of the pull through. If you start your X-step with your back facing to the target via a ping g25 hybrid, unless you are very adept at running backwards, you have eliminated much of the athletic potential of the legs. 
In addition, remember to lead with the feet means that during the throw, the direction of the steps will dictate the path your body will follow. If your first step leads you to the left of the target, you will be more apt to push the shot to the left. If your first step leads you to the right of the target, you will be more apt to pull the shot to the right. When using the ping g25 irons, you also need to aim with your body, because irons are much more heavier than drivers.
Finally, locking the head into the shot basically means that during the latter part of the throw, you want your head down and facing the direction of the shot. If your head is leaning in the wrong direction, your body is likely to follow and you will have greater tendency for errant shots. Ken Climo is one of the best examples of this. His head is always under control and on target and I believe this is something that contributes to his tremendous consistency and balance. 
In a word, keeping body balance and correct posture is the most basic thing to any kind of sports. In golf, aiming with your body is much more important than others. If you even cannot keep body balance, how do you hit the ball out with golf clubs? Will you fall off together with the golf tools? This is joking, but also a serious problem. 

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