Titleist ap2 712 Features advanced multi-material Designs

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With the titleist ap2 712 irons, which boasts a sleek, clas­sic look and was the No. 1 iron model on the PGA Tour the past two seasons, the equipment maker made two primary enhancements.

“First, we took a little bounce out of the sole from the 7-iron through wedge so the ball glides through the turf better,” says Chris McGinley, vice president of marketing worldwide for Titleist clubs. “We also improved feel and sound at impact by putting an integrated aluminum and soft elastomer tuning plate in the back of the cavity and used a forged carbon steel with a high-density tungsten nickel sole box to reduce low-frequency vibration.”

While the AP2 continues to be much played on the professional tours and was the No. 1 iron at the 2009 U.S. Amateur as well as the PGA Professional National Championship, it is also designed to ap­peal to serious golfers who are just as likely to shoot in the low- to mid-80s.

Titleist gave the Titleist AP1 712 Irons a bit more of a makeover. The AP1 is a cast iron McGinley describes as the most playable in the Titleist line. “The idea was to take what was already a good club but offer more forgiveness and better feel in a traditional package,” McGinley says. Titleist says, have been "significantly upgraded" for additional forgiveness and higher ball speeds. The 712 AP2 irons are targeted at highly skilled golfers and are forged and also have thinner sole widths in the 8, 9 and PW. The new with classic design and traditional feel and responsiveness will give your more enthusiasts.

In addition to utilizing an aluminum and elastomer tuning plate in the back cavity of this model as well, the equipment maker reduced face thickness to promote a hotter, more lively feel, and moved weight­ing deeper and to the heel and toe. The result, in McGinley’s view, is a more forgiving, more finely tuned and better-looking iron whose target audience is the serious golfer, per usual, but includes those whose handicaps reach into the mid-teens. Yet, it is still high-performing enough to have made it into some bags on tour.

Switching to the right golf clubs from the golf shop can make nothing suck both on and off the course, If you are in the market for the new irons sets, if you are in that group of golfers who want to play golf with the easy controlling golf clubs, Titleist AP2 712 Irons could give you the control and workability that many of you desire.

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