I fall in love with the Ping G15 and X Hot driver

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The Callaway X Hot driver is designed to have a square face angle in its neutral setting. I'm a believer in sound and feel being intertwined with each-other, and far as that qualifier goes, Callaway knocked it out of the park with the X-Hot driver.


There is no doubt that it is a 460cc driver, yet it is in a subdued style that doesn't seem all that large to your eye. Setting the face angle to the open (O) position on the Opti-Fit Hosel will open the face to 2.5 degrees and subtract 1 degree of loft. Distance gains of 13 yards with the new callaway x hot Driver have been achieved with a host of design and engineering advancements that make the new drivers fast, hot and more lightweight than their predecessors.


Particularly if you bought ping g25 hybrid, or used golf clubs, you might be less inclined to spend a half hour cleaning up after you finish your round. The important thing to consider here is not the size of your investment, which may be smaller that the exorbitant prices you can pay for branded golf clubs, but the impact on your game.


I fell in love with the Ping G15 Irons by hitting every driver at a huge outdoor demo show that I attended. I went back again and again and confirmed what I saw the previous times after hitting all the other drivers.Ping G15 Iron set had simply the most consistent and best results in terms of distance and accuracy. The impact sound is also just great.


"The atmosphere is good," he said. "Jean is a really good captain with a lot of charisma, and knows his ping k15 driver very well. He's trying to put up a few tactics that will hopefully work well. To save money try and stock up on certain items by using coupons. If you think something is a really good deal then go ahead and get more copies of any coupons that you like. Check to see how many coupons you can use and then have other people use the coupons as well.

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