2014 Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport Review

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Putters are like baseball closers. They are temperamental, prone to wild swings of fortune, and it’s easy to lose faith in them after a run of bad luck.


My favorite of the line was the Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter 2014, whose weight felt most comfortable to me and whose look inspired the most confidence for me. I found it the easiest to align and the option that rolled truest for me, providing great feel and touch immediately.


When you find a good one, it feels more precious than gold. When the magic runs dry, the scorn you can feel for them can rival that of your most hated rival. Good putting is all about confidence, and in order to be successful you have to wield a blade that inspires that confidence in you.


You need a Cameron Select Newport 2014 that will allow you to stand over that double-breaking 10-footer for par standing between you and a halve with seven holes worth of carryover skins on the line and know with certainty that you’re going to knock it in — ideally followed by a Jordanesque shrug.


I will say that I didn’t get the sense of excitement out of the Select series that I normally get when trying out a new Cameron model of putter. It’s a hard thing to put my finger on, but this Cameron Select series seems to be missing some of that unique Cameron magic offered by previous models. The look is still very classic and traditionally attractive.

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