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For common golfers, most golfers would be fear of bunkers against greens. Why? Because bunkers are not as easy as greens to play golf. But how do golf pros think about bunkers? Actually, professional golfers now never scar of bunkers around greens anymore. Because most bunkers are easy to get out of with good control of the ball. 

A properly executed bunker shot around a green will plop the ball softly on the green and roll it slowly to the hole, playing this shot offers a big advantage over shots out of thick greenside rough. Thick rough equals poor ball control for most players, even the best in the world. Sand is much easier to deal with in the majority of cases.
Most common golfers are afraid of swinging their ping g20 driver australia out in greenside bunkers simply because we do not practice getting out of them nearly enough. How many golf courses do you know of that offer bunkers as part of their practice facilties. So, most of us end up getting our only practice during rounds on the course, and that’s not really practice at all. Pros, on the other hand, have the privilege of having access to areas where they can practice every conceivable scenario they’ll face on the course.
Therefore, practicing on the course is still the best way to help you go out of bunkers. Now, many courses frown on such a thing, but if you do it properly you should have no problems. If there isn’t a group behind you, stop and hit a few shots out of different greenside bunkers every chance you get, especially if you’re playing alone or with a close buddy who also wants to practice bunker shots with the use of ping g20 irons. Just be sure to rake the sand to keep the bunker in great condition for the next group. What are the steps to cross thye baic greenside bunker shots? You can get a firm stance by digging in a bit with your shoes to begain your first step. Don’t just stand on the loose sand on top. You’ll lose your balance when you swing the ping g25 hybrid out. 
Next, open your stance so your chest and knees are facing your target a bit more than they would be under normal circumstances. Then, open the sand wedge’s face to gain maximum loft. This helps the club cut through and slightly under the ball as you swing through. 
Finally, you also need to have some mental support when facing bunkers. Because golf is also some degree a mental sport. You still need to be confident and brave when hitting the ball out. And more practices are also necessary to help you cover the fear of bunkers. More practices, more experiences and so that more skills!

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