Bubba Watson plays Ping G25 Pink Driver on the PGA Tour

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The G25 is the largest profile driver PING has ever produced. That's first evident when you see the G25 on the rack with its elongated black bottom facing up —it's huge. But when you put it down at address, the club doesn't look much larger than any other 460cc driver. In fact, with its black color and sleek lines, the G25 is one of the better-looking drivers on the market.


More importantly, the G25 sets up at address better than ping g20 driver australia I've played this year. I played the 10.5-degree and 12-degree versions and neither didn't need any kind of manipulation at address. I just set each driver in its natural position and ripped away. I think the black color helped with that confidence, too, as each driver looks very differently at address from today's popular white drivers. It's also quite a contrast to the Ping G25 Pink Driver Bubba Watson plays on the PGA Tour.


PING's "Trajectory Tuning™ Technology allows a player to add or subtract one-half degree of loft to the 8.5-, 9.5-, 10.5- and 12-degree clubheads. The adjustable-hosel design, according to PING, maintains the same outer diameter and mass of its fixed hosels. The G25's feel is solid and its sound is good, whether I was trying to draw the ball, hit it straight or hit a fade. It was easier to hit draws (and sometimes hooks) than fades, but that was more of a function of my swing than the clubhead. By the way, when adjusting for more loft, you actually close the face angle a bit. The opposite occurs when lowering the loft.


I used the stock TFC 189D, a 53-gram, high-balance point shaft in each club. The shaft was specifically developed for the Ping G25 driver and even at setup, gives you a confident "swing the handle" feeling. The combination of black shaft and charcoal black driver head makes you want to rip the G25 from the first swing.

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