Driving the ball with ping g25 driver and G25 hybrid

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If only it were so simple; but it is now with the G25. I found it to be an easier and longer combo than previous G series Ping drivers. 


I think this ping g25 driver is the best looking color for any driver on the market. It looks so good at address. Matte black just looks tough. The sole is also all black with just a big Ping and G25 on the bottom so from top to bottom this is a great looking stick. 


The G25 inspires confidence just looking at it. That big matte black head sets up very nicely behind the ball, it has a tall enough face to feel like you can find the center and has ample width so even the inconsistencies of winter aren't going to be to penal. On the first tee, there were both jitters and confidence, so I swung away and hit a towering bomb into the middle of the first fairway. It felt so good. 


The most notable feature of the G25 is its forgiveness. The TFC 189D shaft is back weighted (heavier in the butt) to counterbalance the heavier G25 head. According to PING, this leads to more swing speed and distance. The bottom line is this: whether you’re one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour like Hunter Mahan or an everyday 30-handicap, you can play the G25 and have fun.


It was a shock when I saw the Ping G25 hybrid for the first time. The matte black crown with the glossy black face and sole are stunning. The shape is also very pleasant. It doesn't have a giant offset nor does it look like it is going to hit the ball straight left. The G25 hybrid looks compact yet offers just enough body to really look and feel forgiving.


Off the fairway it is easy to hit. It resists digging into the turf just enough that you can get down on the ball cleanly and still take a little grass with the ball for solid contact. It also cuts through the moderate rough with ease. I was able to maintain trajectory and distance with the G25 hybrid even out of the thick stuff. I did hit a couple of long fairway bunker shots with it and the flat sole and beveled leading edge seemed to work quite well.

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