Should You Keep Your Head Down?

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Have you ever heard of the golf tip to keep your head down? Mnay golfers must have heard about this and even have done this several times either during practice or tournament. However, this has been thought to be too one sided. You have many things need to do other than just keep yopur head down.

To keep your head down is very easy. But it limits clubhead speed and prevents a proper turn through the ball. Next time, before you keep your head down, please try to think about the reason. Why you cannot even make your own heads in balance? If one cannot even put your head up and look at the ball, how can he or she hit the ball out and play golf well?
Keeping your head down stops the player from staying connected and is the main cause of several swing faults. When a player keeps their head down past impact, the spine tilts away from the target causing fat and thin shots. Or the arms will go past the player's core and cause pulled shots. Players only need to ‘keep their head down’ on the backswing to stay steady. Let the head release with the ball past impact, and the result will be solid shots that fly to the target.
The single worst golf tip I’ve ever heard is 'keep your head down.' This is probably the most common swing thought that average golfers have. I have been teaching for more than 30 years and have never seen a golfer lift their head. The problem with this swing of ping g25 driver thought is it reduces your ability to move freely during the backswing and follow through. During the backswing, the head and neck should be allowed to rotate. 
Put a golf tee or pencil between your teeth and pay attention to the amount of rotation that your head and neck will have if allowed to rotate. Depending on your level of flexibility, you might even lose sight of the golf ball with your right eye. This is ok. During the downswing of a ping g25 hybrid, as you get to impact, your eyes, head and neck should be 'up' following the golf ball, not staying down and restricting your follow through.
Without a doubt, the single worst tip is 'keep your head down.' No one has ever lifted their head; they come out of their setup posture. Trying to keep your head down creates tension and restriction in the trunk leading to poor posture and resulting in lack of rotation especially when you play with ping g25 irons. This is the very reason we come out of our posture. 
Therefore, lift your head, watch the ball, and swing around a centered head is a much better advice than keep your head down. 

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