Speed Always Decide the Distance

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When you play golf, you must have found that the faster your clubhead, the farther the ball goes. That's pretty obvious. And club head speed is the key to greater distance and solid ball striking. But how do you increase clubhead speed? Where does the speed come from? Well, speed comes from more than one part of your golf swing. Several aspects decide your clubhead speed and so that the distance.

The first thing you need to care is your grip. Because faster golf swing starts with the proper grip. Both hands need to work together. The V's between the thumb and forefingers of both hands should point toward your back shoulder. 
Then you also need to make sure you grip the club lightly. Just grip the club like you are holding a small bird in your hands: strong enough to keep hold of the bird but soft enough not to hurt it. Gripping too tightly is the No.1 reason most average golfers struggle with club head speed.
The second aspect which affect your clubhead speed is your arms. You need to extend your arms through the impact area. As you feel the club head strike the ball your arms should be fully extended upon impact. Most average golfers tend to pull the club in toward their body as they strike the ball. This actually slows your swing, leading to distance loss and mis-hits.
In addition, you need to keep in mind that fast club head speed always results from fast hips moving correctly during the down swing. As the front hip clears correctly during the down swing, the golf club acts as a slingshot, releasing energy with great centrifugal force during impact. 
So, how to deal with down swing and back swing? Start with the proper grip, just enough pressure to hold onto the ping g25 hybrid with both hands working together. Beginning from the top of your back swing, feel your arms starting to straighten out, fully extending upon impact.
Finally, on the down swing, as you feel your weight shift from your back foot toward the target, let your front hip open as fast as possible. This move will encourage your hands to naturally release the Callaway X2 Hot Driver head during impact.
However, things would always happen differently and even beyond your plan and ideas. You need to learn to comtrol your power using on the grip and clubhead of ping g20 irons. Faster speed means longer distance, but what you need is a proper distance. If too long to beyond your target, then the fast speed and long distance will mean nothing.

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