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When it comes to golf, lots of things will go into your brain, such as golf clubs, caps, shoes, clothes, gloves, towels, carts, covers and so on. Sometimes, you may also spend to be a member of a club. All these things need cost, and a large cost. That’s why golf is always regarded as the most expensive sport compared with many other sports. 

But golf is really an excellent sport for us, we cannot help loving it. Yes, you can just face it golf is an expensive hobby. Golf Clubs, Green fees, even the gas to get to course you want to play all adds up. If you are on a budget you can still take up the game of golf but it will take some discipline to golf on a low budget. 
The first step is to save money on those unnecessary snacks. Just pack them up! Buying a snack while you are at the golf course can be tempting but super expensive. Pack your snack, drinks and beer so that you don’t have to give into your cravings when the cart girl drives by.
If you play golf, you must know that mornings on the weekends are the most expensive time to play golf in a golf course. If you wait until the afternoon or even until twilight you will save. Also playing through the week is sometimes discounted.
On golf clubs, you can buy them off season to avoid high pirces. If you need a new Callaway Big Bertha Driver wait until late summer early fall for when golf gear goes on sale. Many cheap golf clubs will be on sale when during off seasons. 
Don't get a membership. Investing in a golf membership at a country club or network of courses isn’t a way to save money. There is usually an upfront initiation fee plus yearly fees and you will be expected to spend a “minimum” each month at the restaurant and pro-shop. Only invest in a membership if your golf green fees exceed what you spend annually on a membership would be, and that means you are golfing quite a bit!
Finally, as golf clubs are the most expensive part in your golf playing, you can find some good online shop to buy new ping g25 irons instead of local brand golf store. Or you can ask your friends arround if they have second handed titleist sm5 wedges to sell or exchange. This can also help you save money.
To play golf is quite an enjoyable experience, but to play golf on low budget is a more sensible choice for your pokect.

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