Explain Why the TaylorMade R11S Driver is amazing

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The Taylormade R11S driver’s modern-classical clubhead shape is intended to suit the eye of better players, while still providing ample forgiveness and confidence for average players.


With the R11S driver, the player can open the face and install the heavy weight in the heel, resulting in an open face but a draw bias weighting. Players can also adjust the weights to influence trajectory, either to enhance the launch conditions created by the face angle setting, or independent of the face-angle setting. For instance, some players prefer to look at an open face at address while still desiring a draw-bias performance.


The R11S driver taylormade includes two MWT cartridges, one weighing 10-grams and one weighing 1-gram. Configuring the weights properly is intuitive: To set up a neutral bias, install the heavy (10-gram) weight in the toe; to create a draw bias, install the heavy weight in the heel. If a more neutral setting is desired, 4- and 6-gram cartridges are available separately, and so are other cartridges of varying weights, which allow you to change the club’s swing weight as well as promoting changes in trajectory.


Flight Control Technology allows you to change the orientation of the driver head with the shaft to effectively adjust the loft up or down, giving you 8 choices of lie and loft/face angles at range of 3° of lie and 3° loft/6° face angle for up to approximately 60 yards side-to-side trajectory adjustment and 3° and 1500 rpm of launch condition change.


Flex is the amount your shaft can bend during your golf swing. The flex in your drivers shaft is more important than you would think. Say you have been using the wrong flex, you may be dealing with lost balls or just real floppy shots. When you find what fits your style, your game is going to increase tremendously.


What's great about the TaylorMade R11S Driver is that you can get it with any flex you want. Overall, it is a well-designed club that is well proportioned with a good swing weight.

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