Long Clubs Are Never Long again

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Long clubs or distances might be the most difficult thing to those who have high handicaps. People who own high handicap usually have poor golf playing progress. Plus many players lack confidence with the driver and fairway clubs. They are more difficult to hit because they have less loft.

It is good to learn the difference between hitting an iron and wood at first. When you hit an iron, you want to have a steep angle of decent to get the ball up in the air. When you use a driver, the ball is teed up, so you want to sweep the ball off the tee, not hit down.
If you hit down, the ball will pop up in the air. Ball position is critical. Play the ball opposite your front foot which will encourage a sweeping blow. Since you play the ball more forward in your stance your back shoulder and hip will be lower at address. This tilt is critical for you to sweep the ball.
To hit a driver and your fairway woods, it is important to shift your weight on the downswing. This move will help create clubhead speed and attack the ball at the correct angle. If you have a reverse pivot at the top of the swing, you will never be able to shift your weight on the downswing. 
If you top your ping g25 hybrid or fairway clubs, you may be losing your spine angle at the top of your swing. To correct this, work on your body motion and keep the same level throughout your swing. Avoid bobbing up and down. 
Do not lift the ping g25 driver up in the air with your arms; try to keep the clubhead low to the ground at least until it has passed your right foot so that at the top of your swing you have made a full turn with your shoulders and your weight is predominantly on your back leg. When you make a turn you will stay at the same level, so that you will not top the ball.
Good drivers of the ball never take a divot with a driver. If you are striking the ball correctly, you will be sweeping the ball off a tee. Never hit down with a driver and take a divot. Hover the clubhead of the ping g20 irons above the ground before you hit your drive, which will help alleviate tension and encourage more of a sweeping blow. 
Finally, you can never miss any chance for practice. First time with short distance, second time with short distance, maybe several times still with short distance, but this is normal. After a period of practice, you will get progress a bit less at least. The most important is that you should adhere to practices. 

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