Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedges Review

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The all-new titleist sm5 wedges have created a great deal of buzz since their release and appear to offer what may be the highest level of both performance and personalization ever seen.

With three distinct finish options, the SM5’s offer a good variety of looks that should match many personal tastes. The Tour Chrome is lightly brushed, but still quite vibrant. The Gold Nickel is more subdued than anticipated, with only a slight hint of coloring. The Raw Black is a matte finish that eliminates all glare, but it should be noted that this finish will wear (and eventually rust) over time. Some minor glare issues were observed in direct sunlight with both the Chrome and Gold Nickel finishes, but nothing unusual.

The smaller head shape and very slight rounding to the leading edge gives the SM5’s a shape that will be both familiar and agreeable with most people and the redesigned graphic area is a little cleaner than in the past (conveniently setting aside more space for personalization).

The SM5’s further serve to dispel the myth that a wedge must be forged to offer good feel. Cast from 8620 Carbon Steel, they provide a solid and soft sound at impact. The titleist vokey wedges testing took place during multiple rounds of golf, as well as at a number of short game facilities. The wedges tested were all shafted with the stock DG S200.

Wedge selection, like all golf equipment, can be a very personal proposition. With the number of bounce and grind options available with the SM5’s, guidance in the way of a skilled fitter is highly recommended. Depending on the swing, how one uses their wedges, and local conditions, individual needs can vary greatly.

Described by Vokey as a, “crescent sole with narrow forward bounce surface and moderate camber,” the M Grind is recommended for shallow/neutral swingers that plays in firm/moderate conditions.

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