Use Proper Clubs to Hit Better Fairway Shots

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It's important to know what club to use in certain circumstances. The fairway woods can be an effective weapon in making a good golf fairway shot. They're great for giving you the chance to get down in two on long par fours for instance. A lot of amateur golfers don't like to use these taylormade burner 2.0 irons as they find they have a tendency to top the ball, or they try and get too underneath it, to get height. To counteract this, try moving the ball back a couple of inches inside your left heel and hitting down on it slightly

Set up with your weight on the balls of your feet, and your feet shoulder width apart. If your stance is much wider than your shoulders, it will stop you from rotating and shifting your weight effectively during the swing, leaving you stuck in the middle, so you lose distance on your shot. 
Stand with the ball just inside your left heel when using a low numbered set of ping g25 irons, and between your heel and the middle of your stance for the higher numbers. Lean your upper body slightly to the right, behind the ball. This makes it easier to turn rotate your body right and upwards in the back swing, shifting your weight onto your right foot as you do so, and reaching a powerful position from which to shift your weight left during the down swing, directing all the force of the shot forward towards the target.
A full turn into the backswing also allows you to swing the head of taylormade r1 driver into the ball in a shallow plane, sweeping the ball away. Make sure that your body rotates to lead your arms and hands through a nice wide arc. 
Keep your muscles relaxed throughout the swing for a smooth, flowing motion. At the point of impact, return your shoulders to the set-up position, square to the target line, to ensure the club head swings straight into the ball. At the same time, release your hands, maximising the speed of the club head through the ball for a long, straight shot.
You have to assess all these things before selecting the right but cheap golf clubs and taking up the correct stance to play your golf fairway shot. Try and visualise your next shot. It's okay knowing how you're going to play it, but it's just as important to know where you're going to put it.
No matter you use woods, hybrids or irons to hit fairway shots, you need to take proper use of them to hit a good shot. In this way, your game and golf experience will be improved also properly.

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