My Personal review on Taylormade r1 black driver

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I bought the taylormade r1 black driver yesterday. I do like the look of the black better but I never played a white driver.


The R1 Black gives players who prefer that color access to our industry leading technology. To clear up any confusion or questions that might come up, the answer is yes. This is the same driver as the current R1, just in a different color for those that have a preference. It is not a replacement for the R1 as the driver will still be available in both colors.


I switched from a Ping G20 driver to this driver to cut down on spin numbers. The difference has been amazing, at least 15 yards and I think it all has to do with adjusting launch and reducing spin. While I’m sure some would have preferred a matte finish, PING more or less owns that right now, and integrating TaylorMade’s classic high-gloss finish with highly muted R1 graphics strikes a perfect balance that pays deferential respect to the traditional without compromising TaylorMade’s modern approach to crown graphics.


I’m a cynical bastard by nature, but I’ll cop to feeling a little nostalgic when I saw the white TaylorMade logo set against glossy black paint. It’s practically impossible not to think about your first TaylorMade driver, or at least the last one you loved..the TaylorMade R1 Driver, the SuperQuad, or the SuperDeep. You know…before all this white nonsense started.


It’s almost comical that the golf industry has reached the point where we have to ask why any company would make a black driver, but we do. So at this risk of making a horrible, yet obvious pun, I’ll start by saying that over the last three years TaylorMade has basically painted themselves into a corner.


The R1 Black is officially scheduled for release, and the natural assumption is that some of what you’ve read in the golf forums is true. That said, I’m probably not as smart as I think I am, and it probably wasn’t paint that hurt TaylorMade this season.

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