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It is always easy to do one thing good at a time, but it is difficult to do things well all the time. This is a common problem for most people. And in golf, it is also easy for us to hit a good shot one time, but it is hard to hit perfectly all the time. Actaully, the most important thing to do consistently is the flexibility.

Golf players who have difficulties hitting the golf ball on the sweet spot of the titleist 913h hybrid consistently, move this angle up and down through their golf swing. Typically, golfers with straighten up on their backswing and bend back down into their downswing.
Effectively, this is like trying to hit a golf ball that is moving up and down. Golf is tough enough! But when you are trying to hit a moving golf ball. Many golfers do this out of habit and just need a lesson to correct it. However, golfers over 50 move like this due to body restrictions.
In short, too much head movement relates to poor consistency. Some head movement is acceptable but if you are struggling with consistency, you are probably moving it too much. Fortunately, since your head is connected to your spine, improving your spine angle consistency will improve your head of Callaway Big Bertha Driver stability.
Other factors that influence head position consistency include neck flexibility and left shoulder position. Left shoulder position is not a flexibility issue so we will not address it here (you can review a previous article addressing this here).
You need to have approximately 70-85 degrees of neck rotation flexibility to be consistent in golf. You can test yourself by lying down on your stomach with your head turned to the left. You should feel a SLIGHT neck stretch but you should be able to lie your head down in a turned position.
In addition, a good posture or stance also plays an important role in playing ping g25 driver. When you have poor posture, your mid back is typically curved too much. This puts the joints in the spine in a flexed positions as compared to a neutral position that is present with good posture.
When the spinal joints of the mid back (thoracic spine) are in a flexed position, they lose the ability to rotate. You need those joints to rotate to make a good turn in your backswing. If they are flexed, and unable to rotate, your spine is going to perform a “bailout” move instead of rotating.
Finally, if you want to play good consistently, practice is very necessary. If you do not practice by yourself, no matter how many tips you get, you cannot insist on it. So, also rememer to practice as much as you can. Then, it will be a good habit to play well from practice to the real game.

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