How about a Long Game?

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As we all know that short game is the best and fastest way to practice your game and then improve your game. But everything is not certain. When you are tired of short game, maybe you can have a try on long games. However, I mean some functional long games. What are they? How to do it?

In order to play decent golf you certainly have to be able to move the ball longer distances with your full swing with some degree of accuracy and repetitiveness. For the huge majority of golfers that brings us to what you could call having a "serviceable" or "functional" long game.
As we did in the last article, let's consider what the best players in the world are capable of, in terms of full swings. As a group, touring professionals hit an average of approximately 12 greens in regulation in every 18 holes. Unless you are, or aspire to be, a touring professional can we agree that, given the amount of time that you have to practice, you will achieve those kinds of results from tee to green with your full swing.
Acknowledging the amount of time that most golfers have to develop their games I think that the following are a couple of reasonable full swing pursuits on the road to improvement.
If you hit an approach shot so fat that you still have to hit another approach shot that will cost you another shot in most cases, and if you hit the ball into somebody's backyard that will certainly cost you one or more.
Improving your mechanical fundamentals will improve the quality of ball contact, distance control and directional control. The improvement of your technique does not happen overnight; it happens as the result of getting input and practicing on a new Callaway X2 Hot Driver.
When you consider how things will start to shape up when you add the superior short game that you'll have been developing to the serviceable long game and improved decision-making ability on practicing with titleist 913h hybrid.
Therefore, if you want to hit a long and interesting game, you need do some jobs. Long game can lead you eventually to more refined control of distances, trajectories, shot shapes and ever increasing feel. The more you understand your own swing on callaway apex pro irons the more you will be able to self-correct, at least to a fairly high degree, when things start going wrong on the greens.
Fianlly, learn to change sometimes can do a lot of help to your game. Change both on physical (practice) and mental aspects, you will find things very different and might be easier when you get some changes. 

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