The Mesh Golf Ball in the Past

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During the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a boom in golf ball manufacturers around the country, each experimenting with rubber core mesh balls. It was this period that the modern day golf ball as we now it know came about. Early dimple balls created during the early 1900's were proving to offer players greater spin and feel and an Englishman called William Taylor patented the dimple method in 1905.
Spalding USA immediately purchased the rights for this patent and began to manufacturer dimple balls as early as 1909. Until the patent expired in the 1920's every company attempted to obtain an advantage over their competitors by designing unique mesh type patterns on golf balls.
There were raised banana shapes, donut dimples, Stars, Circles, and Hexagons you name it they tried it! One by one these balls eventually were superseded by another new pattern, and so on, until eventually the square mesh ball became standard.
More and more of the small golf ball manufacturers were squeezed out of the market by the larger corporations such as Spalding, Dunlop, Slazenger, Wilson etc, and by the end of the 40's the market was dominated by the same leading golf manufacturers as today's market, with the exception of a Scottish firm called St Mungo who in 1935 dominated the UK market, along with Spalding.
With the development of golf balls progressing at an alarming rate the U.S.G.A, fearful of the skill level required to play golf being continually compromised by the golf ball manufacturers, decided to standardize the weight and size of golf balls.
In 1931 the U.S.G.A ruled that no ball played in their championships could weigh more than 1.55 oz in diameter. These new sizes were not popular with the British golfers, as the windswept links of yesteryear required different flight characteristics from a ball.
As we all know, we can not finish a golf game without golf clubs, like the taylormade burner 2.0 irons. Also, we cannot play golf without golf balls. Actually, golf ball is as the same important as titleist 913h hybrid. But most people just ignore the importance of golf ball. 
Eventually by 1940 more or less all balls manufactured were the dimple style and the manufacturers turned their research to improving the golf ball within the rules of the game. With the exception of the one-piece rubber balls, which were introduced in the 1960's, this was the last major period of change in golf balls until today's multi-layer golf balls were introduced. Just like the development of Callaway Big Bertha Driver, golf balls also have a long period of development in different steps.
Though, we are using the new golf balls, we shall never forgot pioneers’ great innovation on golf balls. Without them, we cannot have a chance to enjoy the game in a full range.

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