Taylormade's another successful R1 driver Review

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The newest line in the R family features seven standard and five upright loft options, seven face angle options and movable weight plugs to create the desired ball flight. All total the Taylormade R1 driver allows for 168 different combinations of loft, lie and weighting.


The R1 driver, the company says, also features up to 120 yards of left-and-right adjustability. It has a white crown, but it also features a new, sportier look, with diagonal orange-and-black stripes. A player will notice that no loft is stamped on the bottom of the club; instead, the driver can be adjusted for any loft between 8 and 12 degrees. During an 800-player focus group, TaylorMade determined that 80 percent of golfers were using the wrong loft.


The newest edition can now be used wirelessly with a smartphone and an application. Instead of a hard line and laptop, the litany of data can be accessed remotely and by multiple users at the same time. “Combined with the video element that we now provide being able to access the information wirelessly is really the next step for us,” said Justin Padjen, TrackMan’s project manager.


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