Where Should You Put Your Hands in Golf Swing?

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When doing golf swing, many players find it is hard to finish a good swing. That’s why more and more people complain about the difficulty of golf and golf swing. One of the most difficult thing is that how to put your hands during the swing. Is there anything related to the golf clubs, easpeciall the clun head?

The answer is yes. How to put your hands towarding the club head can decide your score of swing sometimes especially when you own a set of not so suitable clubs. Actually, to keep your hands inside the club head as you swing back to waist level.
Most of these slicers create their open clubface because they roll the club wide-open during the first three feet of the swing. As a result, the club usually gets way behind them at the top, and from that position, it is very difficult to square it up. There must be some wild, compensating move made coming down.
If you think "hands inside, club head outside", this will keep your clubface square at waist high, and will also help put you in the proper shape at the top of your swing. It will definitely prevent that clockwise, rolling-open action of your forearms and club, which has led to many disastrous shots over the years.
In my opinion, this tip really helps me achieve "hands inside, club head outside" was to feel as though the butt end of my club traveled right past my right thigh. There was still a gap between my leg and the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter 2014, but the butt end momentarily pointed at my right thigh. This, in turn, would keep everything "one-piece", as well as keeping my clubface square, and also improving my swing plane.
Also, if you look at many of the great ball strikers in the game today, you can see how clearly they do this. Perhaps you took note of his nice hands-in, club head-out takeaway. There is no rolling open action in that move. Hal also happens to be one of the premier ball strikers in the game today.
In addition, you can regard the swing as two circles, or two hoola-hoops. One would be on the outside where the ball and club head are, and the other on the inside where your hands are. From there, just swing the Callaway X2 Hot Driver on the outer circle, and your hands on the inner circle. 
Finally, you should never be hesitating on where to put your hands during golf swing. Be confident enough to hit the ball out. And remember to get some really suitable taylormade burner 2.0 irons for yourself. The best clubs are always the ones which can suit you best.

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